Our Concept

Fuji Bakery opened its door in June 2009 to give the greater Seattle area just what it had been missing — a Japanese artisan bakery dedicated to providing its customers with the highest quality in ingredients, taste and presentation. From additive-free yeast cultivated in-house to Bourbon vanilla beans and Griottines imported from France, we pay attention to every detail of the baking process. Our commitment to producing healthy, fresh baked goods makes Fuji Bakery a unique stop in Seattle not only for those wanting a taste of Japan but for anyone wanting to give their taste buds a treat.

Contact Information

For pre-orders, please contact (206) 216-3616 for pick-up at our Interbay store or (206) 623-4050 for pick-up at our International District store.

For general information, please contact info@fujibakeryinc.com.